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Last night I met my long lost twin sister, Peaches from OK, so she’s not really my twin sister, but she might as well be – We chatted for over 2.5 hours and believe me, it was scary how much we have in common. Peaches bet me to posting the highlights of the chat on her site. Believe me now?
Update: Tons of comments on this subject at Webfroot

2 thoughts on “Blog Romance

  1. wanda

    hi brett i think your cute and you being a geek has no affect on me i do like that you don’t care about what anybody thinks about you ……..i’m 18 and I’ve been single for too long……but anyways so hows it goin with you ok?

  2. bridgette

    Cyber romance and dating blogs are becoming the trend for meeting partners. Meeting people through these is actually exciting and adventurous. The advantage you can have in the internet is that you can have as many choices as you can. Of course, you do not know how long you are going to wait in order to find the person whom you’re looking for. But while searching, you might as well take the opportunity to socialize. So dating blogs and on line dating are fun.

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