MP3 CD Player Goodness!

I scored a portable CD player yesterday. It plays standard CDs, but the main reason I got it was because it can play CD-ROMs with MP3s on them. And the price was right at $120 for just the unit. I got it from The Pawnshop on Tory Street, cheers to the guys there! The protective layer on the digital readout was still intact, and apparently they cost about $300 from Dick Smith too (currently $199.50 on limited time special price). So I burned off a cd with 14 albums worth of MP3s on it, and it plays awesomely! It treats folders as albums, and plays tracks in alphabetical order, so you have to make sure that the tracks are numbered in the correct order you want them. It has a random function, but that’s per album rather than the entire disk. Still, an overall awesome purchase I’m extremely happy with!