Farewell Five Iron Frenzy

Man, my favorite band Five Iron Frenzy has announced that they will be breaking up before 2003 is over. They are releasing two more discs before the year is up, one album a b-sides and funny song cd, and the other a full recording studio album, which will only be available at their live shows until 2004. They’re playing lots all over the USA before they finish too, so I would really love to go over and check them out, especially their last gig in their home town, Denver, Colorado. FIF have been around since 1995 and have released 6 albums to date. I know I’ll miss you FIF, and to coin a phrase,
“You know I have all your albums, yes!” (Sweet Talkin’ Woman from ‘Quantity is Job 1’)

3 thoughts on “Farewell Five Iron Frenzy

  1. That stinks! They were awesome!

  2. That totally stinks! I’m from Colorado and I really only got into FiF this year, only to find out I missed any chance I had of seeing them……much sadness! I must say, my favorite song of theirs is “Far Far Away” and “Dandelions”. (wait, that’s two songs, but oh well!)

  3. I just got into FIF recently and am so sad to hear they’re not together. I didn’t even have the chance to see them. I’ve only been listening to them for 2 years now. Iwas just awed that there was such a thing as a good christian ska/punk. they really helped me in my walk with the Lord.

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