Got My Move On

Last night was pretty good. Mr Scruff played for over 5 hours I’m sure, but I left after he played ‘Get a Move On’ at around 4:15am. The Scruff started pumping the tunes out about 11:30pm. I was largely disappointed he didn’t play much of his own tracks – He played in this order: Ug, Blackpoll Roll, one I can’t remember (possibly Shrimp), Fish, and then Get a Move On. Disappointed because earlier in the night I saw an LP with Sweet Smoke, Come On Grandad, and Valley of the Sausages on his deck – Maybe we missed an intro track…
But he blew me and Mufasa away with the range of genres he played – 70’s funk, hip-hop, latino, house, and jazz jazz jazz! Mufasa had to leave early, he had a gut-ache 🙁
Overall, I give the night a 7/10, mainly because he didn’t play enough of his own tracks, but it was still an enjoyable night 😀