Faithfreek: grociery time hoorah
Faithfreek: oh u kno here’s something u shood promote
Glutnix: oh yeah?
Faithfreek: u kno those ice blocks u can get in a bag
Faithfreek: at the supermarket
Faithfreek: tell everyone to buy them cos they rule
Glutnix: yeah?
Glutnix: lmao
Faithfreek: and they’re only 2 bucks a bag
Glutnix: lmoa
Glutnix: you mean like party ice?
Faithfreek: nah
Faithfreek: um
Faithfreek: wait i’ll check the name
Glutnix: the maoris hunted the lmoa to extintion 🙁
Faithfreek: nice
Faithfreek: imoa – n
Glutnix: apples new computer is called the imoa
Faithfreek: ok bluebird fla-vor-ice
Faithfreek: 25 bars in a pak yum
Faithfreek: ha
Glutnix: oh those! they are l33t
Faithfreek: 133t?
Glutnix: l33t
Glutnix: leet, as in elite
Glutnix: as in excellent
Faithfreek: beta split
Faithfreek: seeya soon
Glutnix: ok man cya
Faithfreek: be back in an hour or so
Faithfreek: mmmm food shopping
Glutnix: the chemical cyanice is tasty, but deadly
Glutnix: it is coloured cyan
Glutnix: sometimes it is frozen

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