Birthday Report

My birthday was pretty cool. Friday night I went out to dinner with Mel. We went to Stellar, a restaraunt inside Courtenay Central. We shared a wood fire pizza (Rotisserie chicken stuffed pizza with camembert, mozzarella, bacon and onions, very yummy), then went and saw Two Weeks Notice, which although it was a chick flick, was actually a pretty cool movie. We came home and Mel had stealthly left a picnic hamper at home, but because it was raining we did the picnic thing in my room – really romantic like πŸ™‚ Afterwards, we played Risk with Chris and Mark – Chris won (Kill Blue (Chris) or 24 Countries, by the latter), but Mel had Kill Green (me) and nearly won too, on her first game!… :-/ Mel really enjoyed playing, and we’ll probably all play again on Thursday night

Saturday I slept in and then Chris and Mark gave me a present. It was Lazy Sunday 3, which is what I wanted for my birthday (cheers guys!). But even better was the card they gave me – Mark, it seemed, had spent two days making a birthday card featuring a fake letter sent to Strong Bad asking him to send me an email saying Happy Birthday – LMAO! Excellent, guys!

Later that night a few of my friends (Mark L, Jaron, Ben and Steph) came over and we played xbox for a little while, then got Hells and watched Jackass The Movie. That is one classic movie… if you’ve never seen a Jackass, and are not squeemish, you will be after the end of this movie. πŸ˜€

Anyway, the birthday was overall the best birthday I’ve ever had, and caps off the fact that this is the best era i’ve had in my life (new job, girlfriend, overall happy to be alive motif). I don’t things could get worse πŸ˜€ but we’ll see πŸ˜‰