As much as I disagree with the war…

I’m against the war, but I just made this up:

In A.D. 2003
War was beginning.
Saddam: What happen ?
Son: Somebody inspect up us the bomb
Advisor: We get signal
Saddam: What !
Advisor: Smoke screen turn on
Saddam: It’s UN !!
Bush: How are you gentlemen !!
Bush: All your base are belong to U.S.
Bush: You have weapons of mass destruction
Saddam: What you say !!
Bush: You have no chance to surrender make your time
Blair: HA HA HA HA ….
Saddam: Take off every ‘mig’
Saddam: You know what you doing
Saddam: Move ‘mig’
Saddam: For great injustice