Off to Christchurch

Yup, I’m in Christchurch for the next 5 days. I’m going with Mel, and It’s probably gonna be pretty hard for me to check my mail. I leave in about an hour to go on the interislander. I’ve never been to the South Island before… except for that one time my Dad and my Brother and I went on a day excursion to Picton… eh but that doesn’t count – that day was more about the journey on the ferry than actually going to the south island. This time I’m catching the train down to Chch, then we’re flying back on the plane. Airfares are cheap nowadays 🙂

So, don’t miss me while I’m gone. SMS me if you reallly need to get a hold of me: +64(21)0355193. Cheers

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    I like the way you set up that your info is the homepage, nicely done. Thanks!

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