Cycle City

I think Christchurch have got it right. They have an awesome recycling system. The Holmes family had to take some stuff to the recycle centre, and I got to see first hand how it’s helping the community. If you have anything that you want to throw out, like beds, bikes, wasing machines, tvs, kitchenware, and so-on, you take it to the recycle centre and they then look at it, fix it if necessary, and sell it for cheap at the SuperShed, a giant second-hand store. Now if you think about this, this is really neat, because less fortunate people can go and buy this perfectly good furniture and equipment. It’s all run by a trust, and it’s working!

Also, I went to (probabaly) largest $2 store in New Zealand. Store doesn’t describe it well enough – more like warehouse – literally! This place has so much crazy crap for sale it’s insane! Sorry Chris, no plastic bullet guns – I looked and looked πŸ™

Also, Christchurch has cycle lanes. Basically at major intersections there is a brown lane which takes cyclists up to the front of the traffic, and then spreads out into a box where the cyclists can set up in front of traffic waiting behind them at their line, so when the traffic lights go, the traffic has to wait till the cyclists are out sf the way before going!

Another thing is the awesome bus interchange airport. They have a arrival board saying how many minutes away the next 6 buses are, and when they arrive, which gate you should go to to get into it, along with an announcer (who must be human, cos he mumbles his announcements – get an automated one chch!). The waiting lounge is comfortable, and extremly user friendly. Not to mention Chch’s circular bus is FREE!

If you’re in Christchurch, you must stop by the arts centre. They have this awesome fudge cottage which sells fudge and all-sorts of yummy sugar-based products. Mmm… πŸ™‚ Also, tons of stalls with arts and crafts, and there was even someone there with a refridgerated window in the back of his truck selling CHEESE! MMMMM!

Well, Christchurch is a pretty awesome place. Probably my 2nd most favorite place in New Zealand. Wellington being first πŸ™‚

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    My god u kept me entertained.

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