Rant from Froot Salad

Here’s a tip for you when you are installing Windows XP on a new hard drive. Make sure it’s the only drive in the computer, otherwise XP will label your primary partition as E:. That’s whats happened to me, and there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to change it short of re-installing. Anyway, I recieved my new 120GB Seagate harddrive. It kicks. Can I interest anyone in a 6GB hard drive?

With my new hard drive installed, I’ve gone and installed Unreal Tournament 2003. If you haven’t played UT2k3 or it’s XBox counterpart Unreal Championship, you haven’t lived. And talking of 3D, UselessCreations has released a new version of their ever-so-popular Matrix Reloaded 3D screensaver. The new version is interactive; you can move the mouse to track around the code simulation. Also check out their Inside the Matrix screensaver,
featuring a low-polygon model of Neo flying round an infinite city of buildings which are dripping with the matrix code. Not as cool as the Matrix Reloaded 3D screensaver though.

Smileychris pointed me at Enhancer 017 for Winamp 2.x. As I had just installed Winamp and hadn’t yet turned on the Equaliser, installing this plugin instantly improved the quality of the sound output.