TradeMe and Trade Union Success

I’m on the verge of making $48 (or more) on my 6.4gb Maxtor HDD. I’m bidding on an item or two elsewhere, but I won’t tell you what those are till i’ve won or lost them 🙂

Also, today I went to union delegate training at my union at Dev-Zone, the Service and Food Workers Union. Yes, I do think this is a weird union for a web developer to be a part of, but the company is a service organisation, and I guess I do help out with IT support, and they have done a really good job of negotiating our contract, so I’m all go with them.
The training was to teach me how to be a better union delegate. I really had no idea of what it meant to be a union delegate, but I learnt that it means helping your fellow union brothers and sisters (my own words) with their work place issues, such as unfair treatment, dismissal issues, pay disputes and the like.