and the (inevitable) book review

Working for a salary has its benefits. One of them, namely, is professional development. I recently bought Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman along with Eric Meyer on CSS by said Eric Meyer, all with money set aside by my company for professional development. YMMV.

I bought these books with the company credit card on Amazon on June 10th. Amazon gave me an estimate of delivery, due by June 27th at the latest. Yesterday I still hadn’t recieved the books. So I emailed Amazon and they agreed to re-send the books at no extra charge. (On a side note, this process was surprisingly human, but dripped with corporate stalety.). So what happens today? Said books arrive. I swiftly cancel the replacement books and all is well. I don’t blame Amazon, but I do blame the slow carrier I chose to use from Amazon’s choices.

So, I’ve read up to the third chapter of Zeldman’s most excellently written guide. It presents a brilliant case to business types for adopting the model he proposes: structural (X)HTML, CSS design and DOM and ECMAscript compatible behaviour. If you’re a web developer or designer, get with the program and read this book! Upskill for the web’s sake! Favorite quote from the book so far? A heading which says “How Do I Code Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.”