Movie, Movie, Revolution

Thursday: Went and saw Kombi Nation with Tuatha – good New Zealand flick – 7.5/10.
Friday: Watched Bend it like Beckham on divx – was pretty cool, with hot indian chicks playing soccer. 8/10.
Saturday: Went to “Wanna Play Spacies?” at Valve bar, here in Wellington. Was hoping for some video game remixes but got some pretty awesome rock music from Lollipop Circus and Po-Ha. One Thumb Up. The K1500 Project played too, but I left before they came on. I was walking home through Manners Mall, had some spare Timezone tokens in my wallet so I went and played Dance Dance Revolution for the first time in my life – no-one was around to watch me at 12:30 in the morning so I gave it a shot. I tell you, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it — it’s tons of fun. I currently suck at it, but it’s fun — I’ll definitely play it again 🙂