Cancer sucks

Looks like I’m going to be taking some bereavement leave soon. My Uncle Graham (Mum’s brother) is dying of liver and pancreas cancer. I never really knew him. My Mum is pretty cut up. He doesn’t have long to live. Mum got a call a couple of days ago giving him 12 hours to live, but he’s still alive. He’s holding on — stubborn I guess.

It’s going to be interesting. Graham wants his funeral on the local marae (Māori tribal complex) as his wife is Māori. Apparently Stuart my brother isn’t too keen about it. But we have to be there for Mum, it’s gonna be tough for her.

My heart goes out to you Graham. Wish I had gotten to know you better.

2 thoughts on “Cancer sucks

  1. kay


    Sorry to hear about your uncle. my grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer which has got to the liver and will effect the rest of the body. how soon do you think she will live and will it be painful


  2. Hi kay,

    I really don’t know, sorry. I’m no cancer expert… wish I could help.

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