I discovered Stepmania late last year some time — It’s a DDR fan project where you can ‘dance’ at home using your PC. Smileychris and I got into it, but only on the keyboard, as we didn’t have a dance pad.

Anyway, last week Smileychris, Kodiak and I hooked up with a couple of friends from Napier and went and had coffee at a cafe, then we went to an arcade. Chris and I were pretty keen to hop on a DDR machine — Chris hadn’t been on one before, and I’d only tried one time before. It’s much easier with friends. And if you think it’s stupid, you haven’t tried it… it’s quite fun.

Anyway, 3 days ago Chris bought a Dance Mat for NZD$30 and a Playstation to USB adaptor so he could step at home, and he’s really enjoying it. I really like it too, but I haven’t had much of an opportunity to go hard for a session — Chris is always on it 😀

Anyway, it seems to be the #1 geek way to lose weight!

3 thoughts on “Stepmania-Mania

  1. I love DDR, but I’m always too embarassed to play it in the arcades. There are always a lot of people better than me on the machine already. I want to get one for home too. It looks like it could be some good cardio.

  2. jc

    Maaaate, I really want one of them… Whats the quality of the mat like?

    Nice site btw – my wordpress needs serious hax

  3. Only noticed it then, if id known you played i would have PWN3D you lol, ive been compared to an asian on the mats in aussie. Max 300 piece of cake lol.
    Nice Blog btw, update it lol.


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