Things we focus on

I’m a geek. I care about geeky things. So you wouldn’t blame me if I walk down the street and notice people with iPods. Or notice people with bags from Telecom or Vodafone stores or carrying boxes containing new cellphones. Or Dick Smiths. Or even from photocopy stores.

Or notice crashed ATMs, crazy licence plates, logic in madness, patterns, the things between the lines.

Cos I do. What weird things do you notice that you think others wouldn’t?

4 thoughts on “Things we focus on

  1. I’m currently taking a course at university called Reasoning and Argumentation. This course basically shows me how to deconstruct arguments and determine if the are logical or not. I sometimes listen to other people argue and I can tell if their points are valid or not.

  2. mufasa

    body parts

  3. I would have to admit that I’m fascinated by what people put on their Windows/OS desktop including the proliferation (or lack) of icons on said desktop.

  4. I really dig people who live life with their eyes open. Cool dude.

    I consider myself an observer of human nature. I am working on fine-tuning it to the point where I can ask some one a question and no matter what they said I would know the truth.

    If you take in all the words, the emotions, the hand gestures and facial expressions and you pay attention not to get sucked into the individual aspects of the communication you can get to the bottom of anything.

    People can say yes, and mean no and the other way around. Learn to read the whole picture and you always know what is going on.

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