Dear Zach

A comment I wrote at Garden State Blog to Zach Braff:


Just saw Garden State — It only recently came out in New Zealand.
Dude, Garden State is my number one favorite movie of all time. My
previous #1 was The Matrix.

I found Garden State so timely for my life. The journey that Large
takes in the movie was so beautifully random, yet with a sense of
structure and purpose.

I’m a recovering addict and I feel like my journey is similar to
Large’s journey. I won’t say what addiction I’m recovering from here;
if you really want to know, visit my site —

Let me elaborate a little:

Large seems like he hasn’t really had any feelings since he was put
on the prescription-cocktail by his father. As an addict, I feed my
addiction to dull the pain that lies underneath. Large decides to go
off the prescription and discovers that feeling the pain that we keep
hidden is the only way to really solve the situations and problems that
hurt us.

Unfortunately for many addicts, kicking the habit is much harder than leaving the pills in another state.

Zach, I love your show and I love your movie. Thanks for making it.
Also thanks for being a crazy nut-case of a guy: I find it encouraging.
I don’t quite know how I find it encouraging. Maybe it’s your
down-to-earth attitude and being personal and honest on your blog.

Maybe it’s because you make us laugh and cry on the inside. But I
wanna thank you for being you. I know we’ve never met, and maybe we’ll
never meet, but somehow, at some strange and difficult to describe way,
I’ve connected with who you are, and learnt something about myself in
the process. For that, I commend you on.

Your thankful fan,

I hope he reads it. Deep down I hope he writes back — I heard he sometimes does. But I won’t be crushed if he doesn’t.

If you dropped by Zach, email me. If you’re ever in New Zealand, let me buy you a beer or something 🙂

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  1. Bloody hell everyone I’ve talked to about this movie is in love with it! I guess I’ll have to go check it out for myself.

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