20Q and Sex Ed – Pizza anyone?

So I decided to buy myself a 20Q. NZD$20 from The Warehouse. So Andrew Kepple and I tried to confuse it with words like Ninja, Dildo and Condom. Hilarity ensued.

Glutnix: wow i got me a 20Q and I was guessing CD and it guessed DVD ROM
TmsT: o.o layman’s terms?
TmsT: is this on Trademe?
Glutnix: no
Glutnix: 20Q is a toy that plays “20 questions” with you
Glutnix: you press buttons on it
TmsT: aha
TmsT: so it guesses stuff and you teach it new things?
Glutnix: i don’t think the handheld learns
Glutnix: but it has a pretty big database of stuff
Glutnix: it got CD-ROM after 5 more questions
Glutnix: it askes 20 questions, you say yes, no, sometimes or unknown
TmsT: oh yep
Glutnix: after 20 it guesses, if it’s not right, it askes 5 more
TmsT: and if it hits a blank you enter the name of the thing?
Glutnix: no, it’s only got 6 buttons
TmsT: try “Colin Mochrie” ๐Ÿ˜€
Glutnix: LOL

Read the rest — warning, hilarity about adult related subjects ensues.

Glutnix: it’s only good for generic items
Glutnix: so far it knows:
TmsT: ah. so you can’t add to its database?
Glutnix: tank
Glutnix: not to the toy’s db
TmsT: arg
Glutnix: but it’s based on the most popular items on the 20q.net website
Glutnix: http://20q.net/pocket.html is what i got
TmsT: oh yep
Glutnix: wow – quarter million synaptic connections
Glutnix: 20q knew “elf” and “paper” and “tank” and “pie”
TmsT: try ‘ninja’
Glutnix: ok
Glutnix: ninjas are animals, right?
Glutnix: ๐Ÿ˜‰
Glutnix: not small
Glutnix: not dangerous
Glutnix: oops, yes dangerous
Glutnix: doesn’t have short fur
TmsT: heh
Glutnix: doesn’t have 4 legs
TmsT: is “not animal” automatically not human as well?
Glutnix: doesn’t live water
Glutnix: *in
Glutnix: doesn’t lay eggs
TmsT: lol
Glutnix: does it bring joy?
TmsT: never
Glutnix: ok
Glutnix: LOL
Glutnix: is it a mammal!
TmsT: it destroys joy
TmsT: heheh yes
TmsT: but it could be a dentist, so far…
Glutnix: does it live in groups?
TmsT: ninjas are loners
TmsT: except when fighting mobs of pirates
Glutnix: so sometimes?
TmsT: soemtimes
Glutnix: stands on two legs
Glutnix: it’s a predator
Glutnix: doesn’t have claws
TmsT: hehe
Glutnix: does it help accomplish tasks?
Glutnix: yes…
Glutnix: not comforting
TmsT: haha
TmsT: nope
TmsT: i mean yes
Glutnix: many different sorts? no
Glutnix: multicoloured? no
TmsT: only mutant turtle ones
Glutnix: worth a lot of money?
Glutnix: i say unknown
Glutnix: would you use it in the dark — totally
TmsT: proably worth a bit
TmsT: yes,,,,
Glutnix: is it smooth?
Glutnix: hell yes
TmsT: aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha
Glutnix: “it’s a ninja”
Glutnix: posting that to my blog
TmsT: does it have “R-18” words in its vocab? like “porn star”?
TmsT: haha not even Ninjas can escape the mighty 20Q
Glutnix: i don’t think so
TmsT: try “dildo”.
Glutnix: lol ok
Glutnix: animal, vegetable, mineral, other, or unknown?
TmsT: other
Glutnix: not flat
TmsT: it’s more of a… household object isnt it
Glutnix: use it daily?
Glutnix: … no
TmsT: haha YES
TmsT: ok no
Glutnix: use it in your home?
Glutnix: YES
Glutnix: found in a classroom? NO
TmsT: lol
TmsT: except if you look hard enough ๐Ÿ˜‰
Glutnix: usually colourful?
TmsT: yes
Glutnix: can be used more than once? YES
Glutnix: LOL can it bend without breaking? YES
TmsT: ahaha
Glutnix: comforting? YES
TmsT: lol
Glutnix: LOL does it get wet?
Glutnix: YES
TmsT: XD
Glutnix: do you hold it when you use it? YES
TmsT: oh noes
TmsT: it’s gonna get the answer
Glutnix: can it affect you? YES
TmsT: haha
Glutnix: can you smell it? ~ no
Glutnix: do you clean it regularly? YES
Glutnix: would you use it in the dark? YES
Glutnix: do most ppl use this daily NO
Glutnix: LMAO is it hard? YES
Glutnix: lol it randomly taunts you — “i can’t believe you are thinking of that”
Glutnix: does it make sound?
Glutnix: i don’t know
TmsT: hmm
TmsT: ideally, no
TmsT: but yes it does ๐Ÿ˜€
TmsT: just enough sound for grandpa to hear
Glutnix: sometimes then?
TmsT: yeah why not
Glutnix: smaller than a loaf of bread? YES
TmsT: depends on how big the oven is
Glutnix: is it straight?
TmsT: usually….
Glutnix: ok it’s guessing
TmsT: hehe
Glutnix: it guesses ‘ a toy ‘
TmsT: ….:D
Glutnix: LMAO
Glutnix: lets try for 25q
TmsT: hahahaaaa i don’t know if the makers were being subtle or if it has no idea
Glutnix: would you give it as a gift
TmsT: set it on max
TmsT: yes
Glutnix: sometimes
Glutnix: does it come in a box?
Glutnix: LOL
TmsT: ahhhhhahaha
Glutnix: ROFL
TmsT: brilliant!
Glutnix: ‘come’ in a ‘box’
TmsT: it’s making puns! the true sign of intelligence!!!
TmsT: yed ๐Ÿ˜€
TmsT: yes*
Glutnix: can it be painted?
Glutnix: no
Glutnix: does it break if dropped? no
Glutnix: last q
Glutnix: does it have writing on it? no
Glutnix: thinking
TmsT: >_>
TmsT: <_ <
Glutnix: LMAO “It’s a fetish?”
TmsT: oh come ON
TmsT: close enough.
Glutnix: ROFLMAO ๐Ÿ˜€
TmsT: see if it gets condom.
Glutnix: oh gee
TmsT: if it does, then it’s a sexist bastard ๐Ÿ˜€
Glutnix: /wipes forehead
TmsT: lol
TmsT: hours of fun…
Glutnix: flat?
Glutnix: yet
Glutnix: yes
Glutnix: use it at work? no
TmsT: haha depends where ya work
Glutnix: heavier than a pound of butter? no
Glutnix: is it straight?
TmsT: “does it come in a box” teeheheheee
Glutnix: LMAO
Glutnix: no, not straight
Glutnix: used over 100 years ago?
TmsT: maybe
Glutnix: no
TmsT: ok
Glutnix: make sound? no
TmsT: heheh
Glutnix: do you hold it when you use it? yes
Glutnix: used more than once? no
Glutnix: usually colorful? yes
Glutnix: ?
Glutnix: i say yes
Glutnix: soft? yes
TmsT: yes
Glutnix: fit in an envelope? LOL yes
TmsT: (i’m watching Lurchy’s new flash)
TmsT: heheh
Glutnix: smell it?
Glutnix: yeah i guess
Glutnix: flexible? yes
Glutnix: burn? i guess
Glutnix: carry in your pocket? yes
Glutnix: found in classroom?
TmsT: heheh
Glutnix: i say sometimes
TmsT: ok
Glutnix: smaller than golf ball? yes
Glutnix: come in a box? LMAO
Glutnix: yes
TmsT: oh dear
Glutnix: found in an office? no
TmsT: orifice? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Glutnix: LOL LOL LOL is it a gummy bear?
TmsT: hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahha
TmsT: close, but no banana
Glutnix: q21: round?
Glutnix: no
Glutnix: or yes
TmsT: yes
Glutnix: i don’t know
Glutnix: yes ok
TmsT: maybe
Glutnix: use it daily? …
Glutnix: … i say no…
TmsT: did they ask “can you re use it”?
Glutnix: yeah early as
Glutnix: come from something larger?
Glutnix: unknown
TmsT: nope
Glutnix: give as a gift?
TmsT: the gift that keeps on giving, baby!
Glutnix: …probably not
Glutnix: last q
TmsT: o.o
Glutnix: LOL does it get really hot?
TmsT: hopefully.
Glutnix: yes
Glutnix: thinking
TmsT: …
Glutnix: pizza
TmsT: *drumroll*
Glutnix: i know
Glutnix: wtf
TmsT: Gummy bear was closer…
Glutnix: lol gummy bear
TmsT: note to self: electronic toys need to study sex ed.
Glutnix: lol
Glutnix: totally putting this log up
TmsT: “Hey guys! Who wants pizza?” *holds up a condom*
TmsT: I’ll draw a cartoon for that
TmsT: gimme a minute or 3

Pizza Anyone?
Thanks to Andrew for the cartoon visible to your left right ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. lol i tried to get my 20q to guess pussy and I got it to say a pussy willow? LMAO

    Also tried penis and it guessed urethra lol.

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