Ninja Vs Pirate: Milk Menace

Frame 5 of 'Ninja vs Pirate'Inspired by Kepple‘s A Weapon of X-Mass Destruction, I decided to make my own 24-Minute comic.

I present to you:

Ninja vs Pirate: Milk Menace!

Yeah, this actually took me more than 24 minutes to complete. So what, sue me! 😉 I don’t get analog very often, so pencil work doesn’t come naturally. After completing the pencil work, I showed the comic to my flatmates who liked it, and to my cartoonist friend Matix who said I should ink it. So I did. Then I scanned it and put it here for your benefit. Enjoy 😀

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6 thoughts on “Ninja Vs Pirate: Milk Menace

  1. […] spired just after getting back from Christmas holidays to do a 24-minute comic. Check out Ninja vs Pirate: Milk Menace! Composed late afternoon by Glutnix […]

  2. “carcassz0r” — I love it. You could extend this to a bunch of other Ninja vs. Pirate domestic adventures like building a deck, taking out the trash, etc.

  3. LOL — I might just do that 🙂

  4. VXO

    Smashing! I definitely agree – more Ninja vs. Pirate adventures should seriously exist. Yes.

    (Also, for the benefit of the blog code… I’m not a dealer of potted meat food products.)

  5. john


  6. Emily

    I love NINJAS! They’re just so dashing…and quick to kill! haha. Okay, I’ll stop now.

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