WP Plugin: Official Comments

I just whipped up a quick WordPress 1.2/1.5/2.0 plugin that allows you to distinguish comments made by WordPress users. It also will automatically approve comments made by WP users.

Current Version: 1.1

How It Works:
If you are logged into your WordPress admin panel, and you make a comment, the plugin will see that you are an official WP user of your blog and mark the comment with your WP User ID.
When the page is rendered, that User ID is called up by the plugin functions, which you can use to change text, change CSS class, add images, whatever your imagination desires.


How to implement:
Simply add this somewhere within the Comments loop in wp-comments.php and/or wp-comments-popup.php:

<?php if(is_wpuser_comment() != 0) {echo "Official ";} ?>

Or get tricky and add a CSS Class to the LI:

<li class="comment <?php echo (is_wpuser_comment() ? ' commentOfficialUser' : ''); ?>" id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>">

and this very basic css example:

.commentOfficialUser { border: 1px solid black; background-color: #999999 }

View Official Comments Readme.txt

There is a very basic example on this post, but more exciting examples available at Webfroot.

Known Issues
It only works with official comments made after the point of installation, as WordPress doesn’t automatically add the WP user ids to the comments field it already has.

Bugs and Suggestions
Any bugs or suggestions, please email me — email link in the sidebar (RSS readers: drop by the site 😉 ).

159 thoughts on “WP Plugin: Official Comments

  1. I like the easy-to-use interface a lot. I wished that was standard in modern-day software.

  2. Great plugin, thanks.

    Anyone got any ideas on how you might change a previous comment to an ‘official comment’ without deleting it and posting it again (needs to stay in sequence).

  3. I’m having a little trouble getting this installed…I don’t seem to have wp-comments.php or wp-comments-popup.php. I have wp-comments-post.php though. Is that where the code is supposed to go? If it is, where exactly do I put the code? It’s quite confusing for me, I don’t know php and all and I’d hate to go in blind and screw something up. I’m using Thanks.

  4. You will have those files, but they are not in your WordPress directory. They are stored in your theme directory (e.g. if you are using the default Kubrick theme, /wp_content/themes/default/), and you can get in to edit them via Presentation–> Theme Editor (or you could download the files via FTP, and make the changes with a text editor, which is often easier due to search + replace etc. which the Theme Editor doesn’t have)

  5. Well I added it right under the in the comments.php file for my theme and added the class to the css…still isn’t working for me. :\ Am I supposed to put it somewhere else or is there something else I need to do? I know it’s activated.

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  9. Hi Brett

    I just tried to doownload your plugin, but it wouldn’t work: it seems that your .zip file is in fact a GIF image, or something? I’d be really grateful if you could check that out since this plugin looks like something I need!


  10. Jason

    sorry to pop in just to leave a thanks but man do I feel dirty as the time passes and I don’t.


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  17. Nice plugin, but doesn’t validate XHTML 🙁

  18. Great little plugin, exactly what I was looking for!

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  25. Hello,

    you really have to help me. I get an error if someone write a comment ony my entries. I post the PHP thing in wp-comments-post.php because I haven’t a wp-comments.php or wp-comments-popup.php. Please help me! Where I have to put the code now? I don’t get that :/

    Best Regards,

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  28. Hi! Does this plugin works in WordPress 2.0?

  29. i like this site and author! respect!

  30. How would i Display on image (avatar) for Offical comment, and Another for UnofficialComments.

    I dont think im inserting the code correctly due to my Offical comments are not Appearing any different than those of unoffical ones

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  33. Bill Berry

    Just installed with WP 2.0 and all seems well. The docs, however, only mention WP 1.5. Has anyone else tested this? Thanks.

  34. TJ

    Hmm could anyone provide a quick guide on how to do it in WP2.0?
    Looks like a great plugin!

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  36. Roberlan

    Your plugin is very good and i downloaded and install it, but i´m having some problems with the “alt” in comments, they are strange, a
    i dont know, but i think i put the code in the wrong place.
    can you help me?

  37. Laarni

    It only works with official comments made after the point of installation, as WordPress doesn’t automatically add the WP user ids to the comments field it already has.

    what does this really mean?

    im a bit confused. yay!

  38. Furius Angel

    Really good plugin!

  39. Gravatar / Official Comments Hack

    Ich hab diverse Stunden damit verbracht eine Lösung zu finden, wie man die beiden Kommentar-Plugins Gravatars und Official Comments korrekt in der comments.php ausgeben kann, bis ich dann mit mal minimalen PHP-Kenntnisse spielen lassen habe.


  40. Ellie

    Hey it looks like a really good plugin, but sorry the download link is broken. :S Just so you know.

  41. Can’t download this plugin.
    Firefox can't find the server at downloads.webfroot.co.nz.
    any mirror ?
    where I can found this plugin ?

  42. ben


    The plugin sounds good but the download link is broken. Is there any chance you can take a look so I can try the plugin out

    Thanks in advance

  43. Mike

    Wanted to download the plugin, but it can’t be found. Just thought you should know the link is bad.

  44. I couldn’t download the plugin too. All mirror download to it are also down 🙁

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  46. I’m unable to download Official Comments plugin as well. All mirror download to it are also down 🙁

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