New Fandangled Camera

So I bit the bullet and bought a digital camera — a Nikon Coolpix 3700. It’s 3.2 megapixels, takes SD cards, and supports video up to 640×680 at 30fps, and can do time lapses. So while I’m writing this post, my camera is on a mini tripod and is taking time lapse photography of my hands typing this post. I haven’t done any before this, so what you’ll see linked to this is my first attempt!

Camera cost me NZD$449, and the metal mini-tripod was NZD$21.95, both from Photo Warehouse in Wakefield St., and they threw in a free carry case 😀 I had the manager, so he was real nice and cool. The benefit of buying from a store is you can do a little barteration: put them up against their competitors, get them to throw things in for free.

So hopefully you’ll see more photos in my flickr photostream, and not crappy 128×128 pics from my Alcatel 735 (more like alca-smell!)

Andrew Kepple is dropping by this evening — I think we’re gonna do some collaboranimutation… more on that next post!

Here’s that timelapse (715kb 640×480 QuickTime file)

4 thoughts on “New Fandangled Camera

  1. Kodiak

    I know you are waiting for me to comment, but what made you choose this model and brand?

  2. I was pondering the Canon Powershot A75 but the Coolpix is smaller, takes longer-life lithium batteries, has metal casing, has a well-designed user interface, and was on special in Wellington 🙂

    After buying it I discovered it had Time Lapse; I don’t know many cameras with that function…

  3. Not many. The A75 is the camera I have, and it’s truly remarkable but no Time Lapse.

  4. Sounds like you found the camera that fits your needs. I love my canon digital rebel SLR, for photos. Nothing compares to its quality photos and simplicity of use. I also use a digital jvc video camera for any videos my family and I produce. Works for us. I was curious about Nikkon’s coolpix 3700 for quick and simple additions to my blogs or webposts else where. Thanks for the info…and great details.

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