0ff1c3 0wn4g3!

Glutnix: back
vic: Welcome.
Glutnix: heh yday in the work kitchen i totally 0wn3d some anonymous person…
Glutnix: for a few weeks now we’ve had this note stuck above the light switch telling us not to turn off the fluroscent lights because turning them on uses too much electricity.
Glutnix: and finally i thought — how many minutes of normal lighting juice does it take to turn the thing on?
vic: Wouldn’t it use less juice to stay off all night?
Glutnix: cos i’m thinking its like 1 minute max, but they make out it’s something like 3 hours or something
Glutnix: (we turned it off at night — it’s just the on and off and on and off of the day they’re concerned about)
vic: That’s ridiculous.
vic: Oh, I see. Maybe they should get one of those key switches.
Glutnix: which it turned out to be — turning on a fluro uses the same power as about 5 seconds of normal lighting
Glutnix: Should I Turn Off Fluorescent Lighting When Leaving A Room?
Short Answer: Turn them off if you will be gone for more than about 15-20 minutes (for details keep reading).
Glutnix: so we found a web page that basically blew that myth out of the water, turned it into a fact sheet and put it above the switch instead 😀
vic: Your writing an article about it?
Glutnix: Article at LightingDesignLab.com
Glutnix: 0wn4g3!
vic: Lol! That’s hillarious. You should blog some of this stuff.

So I did…

And remember: always, always fact-check!

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  1. That’s me! 🙂 I’m a celebrity. At least I wish I was. Make sure to turn of the light, everytime you leave for 20 minutes, to teach them.

  2. nice.

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