WordPress 1.5 installed

Yup… it’s all installed. I’ve installed it, configured it, and decided I liked Kubrick (the default WordPress 1.5 theme) enough to just hack it into a site I like, not to mention how lazy I am… So here you have it. It’s not totally Kubrick, but it smells like Kubrick.

I’m loving the 1.5 action. I love how plugins just add themselves to the menu bar in the admin panel. I love the dashboard. I love Pages. I love the Presentation tab.

One cool thing I discovered about Kubrick is it has a few CSS classes for adding images to posts, namely .aligncenter, .alignleft and .alignright… I’ve been meaning to add these kinds of classes to Webfroot for a while, but then again, we don’t post nearly as many images as we could…

3 thoughts on “WordPress 1.5 installed

  1. Hi.
    What about header image?
    Looks pretty cool.

  2. It’s a photo I took of the infamous Wellington Bucket Fountain. You can find a whole lot of photos of it, including my own, on the Flickr Bucket Fountain Group

  3. Oh, ok, thanks.

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