WordPress Plugin: Mycroft Search Plugin Generator

I was at work, and an idea hit me: Firefox search plugins are just text files. They also contain a lot of stuff that WordPress stores in it’s database. Why not make WordPress generate a search plugin for itself? Why not make a plugin that will work on any WordPress 1.5+ install? So I spent the rest of the day making the Mycroft Search Plugin Generator plugin!

Try it at the bottom of the sidebar on this site, or in the Meta section of the sidebar on Webfroot!

6 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Mycroft Search Plugin Generator

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  2. Dan

    Hey Brett I love this plugin!!! Its such a nifty idea, are you going to add it to the WF projects page?

  3. The requested URL /wordpress-plugins/mycroft-search-plugin-generator/ was not found on this server.

  4. Oops, updated! Thanks Derek!

  5. OK. Please update it – again. :o)

  6. i look forward to see a plugin for wordpress – allowing to do searches on a opac-library-catalogue

    is this possible!? love to hear from you

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