Movin on up, Movin on out

So I have a new job! I handed in my 4 weeks notice to the DRC and am moving on to! I must say thank you to 3months for letting me start in a part time manner so that the DRC wouldn’t be left in the lurch while my workmate is on 6 weeks leave, and so I can get the projects I’m currently working on at DRC out the door.

So I start part time at 3months on August 8, and I’m told while I will still be doing XHTML, CSS and PHP, I will be doing more XML and XSLT related work, along with picking up some Python and working with Plone and Zope. Scary stuff seeing as I don’t know much about working with those last three; I told them I was prepared to learn Python at the ‘interview’, and that I’ve tried to do a little Python here and there, but I have yet to use it for something non-trivial. However, I’m prepared to take the learning curve 🙂

I am however, really excited about working in a Agile environment. Everything I’ve read about Agile makes perfect sense. The values it upholds in the Agile Manifesto just seem to resonate that there is a solution to the project problems in all the organisations I’ve worked for to-date.

I’m really looking forward to it.

5 thoughts on “Movin on up, Movin on out

  1. Congratulations! I haven’t worked with them myself, but from what I’ve seen they do some cool stuff for government.

  2. Congrats! That rocks and nothing better than having a job that stimulates and keeps the grey matter active.

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  4. Congrats Brett! Keep us posted on how you find the Agile process. I didn’t know there was another company using Zope in NZ – apart from IOpen and Chris. It’ll be interesting to see how 3months rates .Net vs Zope.

  5. Parenthelpline

    Well done Brett. Am so pleased you have landed that dream job. You have certainly be patient, so now you can go for it!

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