Week of Insanity

So several crazy things happened this week:

  1. Webfroot turned 4 years old. Ask me 4 years ago how popular Webfroot was gonna be in 4 years, I probably would have said it wouldn’t last that long. But it has, and it’s still going strong! The popularity of Webfroot _SCARES_ me. Webfroot gets around 2000 unique IP addresses visiting it every 24 hours. If I search for things we posted about only a week ago, we’re on the first page on Google!
  2. I got a new job! I start that in August, going full time the first workday in October.
  3. The day after I told work I was resigning to start a new job, my other workmate hands in his resignation too, being head-hunted for a position with a nice Wellington ISP. What’s up with that?
  4. My mum calls me and tells me that in October she’ll be moving from Napier, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia! Wow… what a shock… I’m kinda a little sad, but I’m happy for her 🙂
  5. My post about saving any multimedia file to your hard drive got 270+ diggs on digg.com, was mentioned on Make:Blog, and then talked about by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht on the diggnation podcast!
    An interesting fact is that it took over a month for it to get to the homepage on digg.com, and then everything started linking to it.

So yeah, pretty weird up and up week. It’s nice when things seem to be turning out for good!

4 thoughts on “Week of Insanity

  1. Congrats buddy!

  2. It scares you, eh? Rawr.

    But that’s what happens when you do the job well 😉

  3. Wow – digg.com is a pretty amazing site. I wonder why I hadn’t heard of it until now. I dropped a story on it last night, and overnight it generated 2500 hits to my blog post. While I was sleeping it got promoted to the home page, but now it’s gone. Nice toy. Is it a good source of news?

  4. Yeah, the digg.com homepage feed is really good. It’s a good measure of what people think is cool or important on the internet at present

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