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Dear comment-spamming morons at, and their customers who probably didn’t know better at

Hi. I don’t appreciate it what you’re doing with the blogs that I manage, subverting its intended purposes so that you can make money, by creating comments on my stories for the sole purpose of having a link to a site you are “SEO-ing”.

My blogs are:

You might notice that both of these blogs use the rel="nofollow" attribute on links entered using the comments form. Google openly IGNORES any links with this attribute applied to it by not giving any of that page-rank goodness to the target site that you’re trying to achieve. More information here at the Official Google Blog and Google’s site itself.

While I appreciate your SEO company has hungry employee mouths to feed, I’d appreciate it that you’d take your scum-of-the-earth “optimisation techniques” and retire them.

What I am demanding you do:

  1. Continue to use Ethical SEO techniques, but stop using the unethical techniques, like the link spamming you’re doing right now. See Wikipedia’s entry on Search engine optimisation for more info on ethical and unethical SEO techniques.
  2. Stop mis-using other people’s blogs to pimp your wares.
  3. If you MUST spam peoples blogs, at the very least, don’t waste your time with blogs that use rel="nofollow".
  4. Remove my blogs from your un-ethical blog-abusing SEO machine.
  5. Stop selling lies to companies that you can improve their ranking on Google.

I’ve posted this communication on my blog for all to see at this URL. And you’ll note that the links to your websites have rel="nofollow" applied to them.

Screw you guys,

Brett Taylor

UPDATE: Zak from The Found Agency just contacted me on my cellphone from Sydney, and after a short friendly chat I have provided him with the comment records from my databases. He was really friendly and deadly serious about looking into it within their organisation, which is a real credit to FoundAgency. I really appreciated the call, Zak πŸ™‚

As the email address on the comments entered was the main reason for tying the comment to The Found Agency, it’s true that they could have been framed. I checked their site, and saw they did SEO stuff, and one of their clients was a real-estate website. It could have been entered into the form by anyone — but it got past my spam filter, so it’s unlikely that it was automated.

He also saw that I was coming over to Sydney next week for WE05, and invited me to The Found Agency offices to see what they do and how they are not blog spammers, which I intend to do. If it turns out that I was wrong, I guess I’ll be buying Zak a beer πŸ˜‰

HAPPY ENDING: Turns out Zak is buying the beer πŸ˜‰ It turns out that a new employee got over-eager to impress at his new job, and that employee has now been put to the task of collating a list of the sites he posted to, and I’ve been told that The Found Agency will be apologising personally to the owners of those sites.

Good has been done here. A problem solved. I’m going to be dropping by The Found Agency while I’m in Sydney, and I’ll report back. I hope that I’ll be able to come away from this meeting and recommend The Found Agency in the future! They certainly took this seriously and are taking excellent steps to rectify this occurance, which is highly commendable.

2 thoughts on “Comment Spammers from Australia

  1. Go you cyber activist, you! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Brett,

    I got a spam comment on my blog from these guys as well. I have nothing to show it was from foundagency, but it was definitely for I had a look at their website, found they had an 0800 number, and gave them a few calls. Turns out they didn’t have anyone working there with the name of the person that was left in my blog comment – but I had to call a few times to make sure. The comment was some guy who was pretending he wanted to become a .net blogger. Total bullshit.

    I believe Zak knew full well what was going on. I think he’s scamming you – but I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts when you return. When you go visit them, don’t be gulliable.

    I got a similar spam for an NZ company over the weekend. It was for They pretended they were all interested in my post on exczema cream (my own spam πŸ™‚ But they wanted a piece of the action so had to tell me all about their own product – and add a link to it. The phone call to them was a bit more expensive – no 0800 #.

    These guys suck.

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