Fat Freddy’s Drop — Roady video coming soon!

My friend Paul asked me if I knew who Fat Freddy’s Drop was, because he didn’t (you’re under a rock, mate), and because that night he [had the honour of] working on the new Fat Freddy’s Drop music video for their groovy track Roady, filmed here in Wellington on the infamous Cuba St.

If you are like Paul and don’t know who Fat Freddy’s Drop are, climb out from under your rock and listen to their tracks! FFD are an independant Wellington dub reggae group who won all the major awards at the last New Zealand Music Awards. You’ve probably heard “Wandering Eye” on the radio without knowing who it was. Pick up their album or get their tracks from the iTMS.

So I got Paul to take my copy of their album Based on a True Story along and get it signed by the group. He did, he is some kind of legend 😀 And Fat Freddy’s are awesome for signing it too! Cheers guys, I don’t need to tell you how awesome you are!

I got a text this morning saying they were still in town, and if I wanted, I could come pick up my CD and maybe meet some of the group 🙂 So I did. I wish I had a bit more to say and ask, but at that hour in the morning, I was just waking up, and they were about ready to go to bed after filming all night.

Anyway, the music video is due out in a few months or something, so keep your eyes peeled!