17 thoughts on “Blanket Man has a Posse

  1. Yeah, heh saw that page. we were out the other night for a stag do, and got him to sign the stags shirt. he an interesting character, and as much a part of wellington as anything else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I posted a few pics of Ben, and reports, it’s a great way to discover peoples opinons about society and it’s inhabitants, good and bad. If you know anything can you add it to wiki? does Ben know about his article? would he care? anyone wanna ask him? The Dompost talked about Benand his wiki in yesterdays paper, so now his story is more than just about him… moza.

  3. Blanket Man is the leader of the bums. They always congregate around him.
    Thats why he hangs down lampton quay sometimes, to have some alone time.
    The bums follow him around because he gets so much attention. He gets food, alcohol, cigerettes and money given to him. He even has an i-pod.

  4. Angie


    I am doing an art project about the blanket man (I hope he doesn’t mind).
    I would need the same blanket he uses. Do you have any idea where I could get it?

    Cheers angie

  5. Hi there

    You can get the exact Blanket from the Warehouse, it’s the thick, double size ‘mink style’ blanket, you will have to check which graphic he is sporting at the moment, some of his past blankets have had Whales and Rhinos, im’not sure about his current model.

  6. Jay

    man being a courier ive seen him around alot aye i toot and say hi to him almos everday. hes a danger to no one. i kind and pure man. what does he have to worry about? nothing… just numero uno. but hes aite and a wellington icon whether he knows it or not



  8. my boyfriends mates live in an appartment in wellington and standing in the top story i always see blanket man! hes always so jolly and says hello to everyone. hes certainly an icon for this town..

    blanket man rules!!!

  9. I went to wellington for 3 days and saw blanketman every day he is the man, he does what he wants just blazes a cone and does not think about the troubbles ๐Ÿ˜› he is da man

  10. Miss Aussie

    3 Years Ago I Lived There [Wellington] And Still Remember Him, He Was Awesome, I Remember Buying A Fanta Then Gave It To Him Haha…
    Lol So Funny He Has An IPod NOw, Good On HIm ;]]

  11. lizzie

    man u guys r just so sadman..wat if dat was u guys duing wat he does?!?!

  12. Marei Jayne

    is he alive.?!:)

  13. we arent sad ” man ” we aint sayiing bad stuff

  14. sonya jasmine

    i just heard about blanket man thru frends in welly, foudn he has a wikipedia! real interesting, i think he does no one any harm. where does he sleep at nyt tho? some people seem to thnk theres no ACTUAL HOMELLESS in NZ. i disputed ths. 2409 ppl in th last census hav no fixed abode. but what can we do about it? my frends say, it doesnt affect them.. so they dont care. no councils hav procedures in place i thnk.


  15. John

    Bums are a disgrace. Poor crappy Wellington doesn’t have much going on for tourists so we don’t need rotton bums lying around the place or people that encourage them!

  16. uncle grim :)

    blanket man is to cool to be a disgrace! I want to have blanket man’s babies:) take me now blanket man!

    ps wellywood roxs my soxs

  17. Cloudwalker

    Blanket Man is God

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