Google Notebook Firefox Extension Easter Egg

I just got myself a Google Notebook and I think I like it! Taking snippets of text from webpages and archiving it online privately or publicly is pretty cool.

I especially like the simple Firefox Extension. It adds a little ‘open notebook’ to the browser’s status bar, which when clicked pops up a little in-page pop-up where you can type text or capture selected text from the current page. Very nice!

I did find one pretty neat feature that the Google Notebook help pages doesn’t mention. Right click the button in the status bar, and you’ll find an Enable ‘Note This’ button option. Enabling this doesn’t seem to do much straight away, and in fact, it took me a while to figure it out. But when it’s enabled, try selecting some text, and a little [+] button will appear at the end of your selection — click it to add your selection to your currently selected notebook! Neato 😀

So uses for Google Notebook? I could find it useful for keeping a list of things I want to post about, a shopping list, inspirational quotes, or maybe even for some GTD loving. What will you be doing with your Google Notebook?

8 thoughts on “Google Notebook Firefox Extension Easter Egg

  1. eddie

    That is awesome. Thanks for finding it.

  2. Nice find. That could actually be really useful.

  3. good look. I created three notebooks and stopped using it. This small little feature may get me started again.

  4. hi there-
    i am here to post because i am avid (addicted) supporter of a firefox extension called Clipmarks that i have been using for almost a year and feel kicks google notebooks butt.

    Here is what I see that Google’s new product does:

    1) Creates a bookmark to the page that you were on when you did the notebook thing.

    2) Takes whatever text you had highlighted at the time and makes that sorf of “your notes” about that page that is now bookmarked in their system.

    3) Allows you then to go in and edit those notes to add your own text, or whatever. With a little html-like editor.

    4) Allows you then to go in and look at all your notebook items in the typical Google ugly fashion.

    5) No Tagging

    6) No Community

    Meanwhile, the Clipmarks featureset is completely different:

    1) Allows you to clip many pieces from one site or page, or several sites or pages and aggregate into what is called a clipmark.

    2) Allows you to tag these entries for later search retrieval, sharing, networking, etc. Tagclouds help you to find interesting tags easily.

    3) Allows you to then quickly and easily send those clippings into a set of “bookmarking” sites like Delicious, etc.

    4) Provides an intuitive UI to go and look at your clippings, search them, etc.

    5) Provides a commenting and popping system to foster actual social interaction around your clippings.

    6) Provides a way to subscribe to an RSS feed for a tag or a person.

    7) Provides a way to make Clips public or private.

    8) Lets you subscribe to other people who Clip

    9) Provides a print function that lets you print out pages which originally could not be printed well because of design errors. Plus, the fact that you can clip content from different or multiple pages in one Clipmark, makes printing what you care about minus the clutter very effective.

    10) All of this is completely integrated into your browser.

    thx for reading and hope you dont mind me speaking my mind….

  5. wom

    I love Google Notebook and its Firefox extension. I’ve used the service here and there. Will be handy for me during the academic year.

  6. Google ja Firefox…

    Hiljuti leidsin järjekordse väärt täienduse maailma parimale brauserile — CustomizeGoogle on Firefox’i laiend (extension), mille abil saab peenhäälestada Google’i otsingutulemusi ja teisigi Google’i teenuseid. Vaatame siis…

  7. B0B 1337

    very neat indeed. I like google notebook because its rly easy to use, small filesize (im using firefox portable on USB, so size matters), and does all i want it to do, keep my notes. Though ive heard of ways to skin google to make it look nice, i dont want/need that, i dont need to share my notes (my notebook isn’t a blog >.

  8. Steve

    Just wanted to say thanks. I was looking for an explanation of what the “enable note this” button does and was surprised to find that Google didn’t have anything about it in its official documentation.

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