ROFL Telecom == Telecon

I made this image a long time ago, but it’s very relevent now:


This one has certainly done the rounds — I don’t believe there’s a net-savvy New Zealander who hasn’t seen it already, but in case you missed it:


To all those who invested in Telecom shares and got burned recently, Nelson from The Simpsons said it best: HAW-HAW!

Corporate Telecommunication Still Sucks.

4 thoughts on “ROFL Telecom == Telecon

  1. Thats kinda nice done.

  2. […] YouTube – Telecon “My business is going down the tubes” A brilliant edit of a telecom ad (NZ dominant telco). The ad is an original telecom ad but masterfully hacked. Youtube link removed but I’ve found it again on inner.geek Cat:  […]

  3. […] Original post by Brett […]

  4. […] I think they had it coming, poor old Telecom just can’t stop getting their ass kicked! Maybe next we’ll see the ice queens head roll. Maybe its about time they had a new CEO. Lets just see what happens huh. […]

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