New Hosts: Dreamhost!

First of all, let me thank KiwiNessie for all the hosting she’s provided to the Webfroot peoples for over three years now — she was always there to help when something went wrong.

Unfortunately, we got suspended by her host for being too heavy on the server’s CPU. Nothing much I can do about that, so following SmileyChris’s recommendation, we’ve moved to DreamHost! And I am most impressed with their array of features, like Subversion, WebDav, the ability to turn on PHP 4 or PHP 5 per domain, and soforth. The admin panel is very usable too. And you can’t beat the price either – USD$9.24 for the first year (with the promo code 777), with USD$7.95 a month there after!

If I have been hosting your site, I HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR FILES AND DATABASES. Contact me and I’ll reinstate your site. I’m taking this opportunity to keep the new server clean, and thus purge all the minor hosting I was doing for some people who haven’t kept in touch.

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