ESV Daily Verse Screensaver for Mac OS X

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ESV Daily Verse Quartz Screensaver Screenshot

So I’ve been mucking around with Quartz Composer for Mac OS X recently, and a few nights ago, inspiration struck. So I spent my evening making up this: ESV Daily Verse Screensaver. I am learning a lot about Quartz just making these kinds of things, and the fact that this one goes online to get stuff from the ESV’s RSS feeds is even neater. Maybe someone out there will enjoy this one 😀

I’m working on a ‘star wars’ type screensaver with the same content right now, but am having issues with pixelisation of the text when I get it at the right angle and perspective, i.e., freakishly close up.

As Quartz Compositions tend to be user-editable, I’ve decided to release all of mine under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

6 thoughts on “ESV Daily Verse Screensaver for Mac OS X

  1. (removed)

    Nice Job! That is a really awesome screen saver!!

  2. Daily Verse Screensaver for Mac OS X…

    Brett at inner.geek has created a screensaver that shows the ESV verse of the day. (You need OS X 10.4 Tiger or later.)
    It uses Quartz to fetch the one of the ESV RSS feeds and is released under a Creative Commons license. Slick.


  3. Dwight

    Thanks so much for this! I am a fan of both the ESV and the Mac, so this is right up my alley!

  4. Juan

    Is it possible to set it up for slower movement the text? Great Screensaver.. thanks.. God Bless You…

  5. I like the idea, and the execution is pretty good. But I get sick trying to read it. The text needs to slow down.

  6. Robert

    Thanks for this.

    Ditto on the comments that the text moves too fast. Any possibility on slowing it down to about 25% of its current speed?

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