WellRailed’s “Getting started with Ruby on Rails”

Tim Haines writes:

Tomek, Nahum, and I are organising a Rails session for newbies this month. We aim to make it the best Rails session yet. We’ve organised some books to give away, a discount for O’Rielly, and will be putting on Pizza (and hopefully beer if we find a sponser. đŸ˜‰ The session will be about building a basic blog app, but the overriding theme will be to get the uninitiated but curious, and the beginners along, and give them a taste of the good stuff. We aim to nuture their curiousity into a love of Rails – which will benefit the entire Wgtn software development scene.

What: Getting started with Ruby on Rails – a community based approach
When: 6:30pm, Tuesday, 31st October 2006
Where: CreativeHQ, 25a Marion Street, Te Aro, Wellington (behind Resene Paint)
Presented by: Nahum Wild
Intended audience: Anyone interested in Ruby on Rails.
Prerequisites: Interest in Ruby on Rails. Knowledge of programming in any language will be useful during the live demo.
Refreshments: Hell pizza
Cost: Free. It’s a community event. It is our turn to give back.

The format will be as follows:

  • Arrive between 6:30 and 7pm.
  • Start at 7pm: Welcome and introduction
  • Quick overview of Ruby on Rails and its main underlying design pattern: Model-View-Controller
  • An end to end demonstration of how to build a simple blog application in Rails.
  • Q&A time.

Interested? Only 12 places left… Find out more about this event! I’m looking forward to this one…

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  1. Dont want to interfere in your plans ,
    But do u know any good site where i can get free documentation or tutorials on RUBY ON RAILS

    Best Regards

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