WDANZ Wellington Conference

At WDANZ‘s Wellington Conference last week, I had the privilege of talking to a group of my peers about how easy JavaScript has become since the DOM — there is still a lot of people in this industry out there who think JavaScript is in the too-hard basket, but if you think about it the right way, it really isn’t.

My slides for the talk I did (PDF, 180kb)

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I had a really good time at the WDANZ Conference. While there wasn’t a spectacular turn out, the quality of the speakers was second-to-none. I learned an absolutely epic amount of stuff about the business hemisphere of this industry, and met some of the most highly respected developers in New Zealand. I won’t be missing the next WDANZ conference in my city!

2 thoughts on “WDANZ Wellington Conference

  1. Jo

    It was great to have you there — and refreshing to see Javascript is still good and straightforward – it was one of the first scripting languages I learnt and the first script I wrote in earnest for a Web-cam playback script in 1999 is still working great in todays fancy browsers. With the DOM, things are much easier. It was great to see some of the tips and tricks for creating re-usable JS too.

    Cheers, and thanks for the slides too! My furiously scribbled comments shall be appended with real code.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jo! It’s great to hear that people did get value from what was probably the most technical talk at the conference 🙂

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