Can I are be turning Japanese, I rly think so?

So I’ve got this goal of working in Japan for at least 6 months by 2014. That’s the big goal.

To take a big step like that is a bit much, so to break it down a little:

  • Read, write and converse in Japanese at an intermediate level by the end of 2010.
  • Visit Japan for a holiday at some point between 2010 and 2014, and visit Tokyo (especially Akihabra), Kyoto and Osaka, and do tourist-stuff. Also the Studio Ghibli Museum is a must.
  • Find a job, preferably teaching web development, maybe teaching English so I can get a work visa.
  • Work in Japan for at least 6 months by the end of 2014.

Not so bad a plan, eh?  It’s quite flexible, and subject to change, but it’s the current target.

Why you might ask? Well, I’ve always wanted to learn a language, and the Japanese culture, history and lifestyle really interests me, and I’m single so I don’t have anyone holding me back.

So I’ve bought a book (Japanese Step by Step by Gene Nishi), and am keeping an eye out for beginner’s Japanese courses, so I can sign up for one that’s running at a good time for me.

I have a friendly workmate who spent a long time in Japan a few years ago who is encouraging me along. We go for lunch at Japanese restaraunts around town; he’s got many of us at work hooked on katsukari (pork fillet curry with rice)… mmm katsukari! Damn, I’m hungry now…

So I think in the short term, I’m pretty sussed. I’ll be signing up for a beginner’s Japanese course after September, and I’ve got a friend or two who I can practice with.  Maybe I’ll make friends with some cute Japanese girls in Wellington, who knows? I’m pretty open minded about the whole thing.

What is kind of weird is being 26 right now, I’ll be 33 in 2014. But you’re as old as you feel, and with me, that currently can range from 21 to 35 right now, -_-;

Anyway, does anyone out there in the world wide tubes have any suggestions on learning Japanese? Tips and tricks? Must have resources? Must visit places?

Also, anyone know how to get my Mac so I could type katakana and hiragana with a Dvorak keyboard layout? It wants me to use QWERTY instead 🙁

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  1. I think this is an excellent idea! I say go for it! We should try to learn some Japanese over the ‘net if possible. Haha. I am horrible at languages…I would really mess you up!

    Brett wants to meet some Japanese girls! LOL! For some reason that just hits me as being funny. Though, I must admit Japanese guys can be sexy. ^_~

    You’re making me hungry with all the good sounding food. Dang. haha. You’re not old, so stop thinking it! @_@

  2. I’m been thinking i’ll start a course @ WEllington High School

  3. Maybe if we get enough Wellington geeks together, we could get a one-off Beginner’s Japanese for Geeks course running or something…? What do people think out there?

  4. Wow. That course is cheap. Now I wanna be a Wellington geek…no fair! haha ^_^

  5. Brett, you could probably get a job teaching English fairly easily. You might also want to consider putting your web design skills to use working for a multinational bank. Many banks in Tokyo don’t require you to know any Japanese, and they’ll even bring in instructors to teach you. I’ve known a number of traders / developers / quants, who have gone to Tokyo for a few years and really enjoyed it.

  6. Paul


    I’m learning Japanese too.

    Back then when I started I put a lot of time in finding teh best book for beginners on how to learn Japanese. I finally found it. It’s called “Genki”. Here’s their website:

    I purchased these books on

    Here’s a good article about these books:

    As for the editor, you can try out “jWpce”. You can find it here:

    Good luck.

  7. Dude I did japanese at canterbury university and I’ve been there four times. I gotta say the best lessons I’ve ever come across are at this website sign up for the free trial and download as many podcasts as you have time to fit on your mp3 player. Really easy short lessons, do one each day walking/driving to work and repeat it on the way home… i’m seriously really impressed with these people.

  8. Oh and I concur with the comments about working for a bank over there…preferably an investment bank like Merril Lynch etc. I know people doing really well that way, 3-4 times what you would get paid teaching english.

  9. nice post

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