Quicksilver is dead. Long live Spotlight!

Recently because of a permissions issue with my public folder on GlutBlack, my black MacBook, I created a new administrator user with the intention of porting all the important data from my old user to the new user. I’ve had a few hassles doing so, but I’ve learned a fair bit. Like how much I don’t really miss Quicksilver.

I was previously using Quicksilver, but I never bothered to set it up on my new user, and instead decided to try out Leopard’s new Spotlight – to great effect!

The one thing I detested about Spotlight in Tiger was the fact that the default choice was “Show All”, but now in Leopard it’s the Top Hit, which is usually what I’d want. The other thing was Quicksilver had a calculator function, but the new Spotlight has a calculator feature, which is live, unlike Quicksilver!

And because I managed to score the MacHeist this year, I received a copy of CoverSutra which totally surprised me with its awesomeness; like a sneaky ninja springing out from the ceiling, katana unsheathed, cleaving my mind, but in a totally awesome way, as ninjas are prone to do.

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  1. CoverSutra is great

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