Pink Heaven out, Kero Blaster on Oct 11

Studio Pixel, infamous for indie smash hit Cave Story, released Pink Heaven for PC. It looks like it features the pink office lady from Pink Hour, the demo prologue game to Kero Blaster, an innovative frog-themed platform shooter.

Pink Heaven - Studio Pixel

Kero Blaster is an excellent game, extremely fun and rewarding, and doesn’t artificially lengthen playtime. For those who still couldn’t get enough, a New Game+ mode made it harder.

The iOS version of Pink Heaven will be released on October 11. Pixel is also giving Kero Blaster an update on the same day, adding ZANGYOU MODE (‘Overtime’ Mode). 

Because of the update, Studio Pixel is bumping the prices of the game up a buck or two, so go get the game while you still can!

Japanese ad informing of Kero Blaster price increase on Windows and iPhone