inner.geek iOS Games of 2012

In no real particular order but certainly weighted by how much I played and enjoyed a game, here are my iPhone/iOS games you should have played this year.

Games released in 2012

  1. Waking Mars
  2. Beat Sneak Bandit
  3. Punch Quest
  4. WarGames: WOPR
  5. Spell Rift
  6. Letterpress / PuzzleJuice / SpellTower / Wordament – 2012 turned out to be Year of Reinvention of the Word Game.
  7. 10000000
  8. Super Hexagon
  9. Kingdom Rush
  10. Pudding Monsters
  11. Super Monsters Ate My Condo
  12. OLO
  13. Spaceteam
  14. Squids Wild West
  15. Where’s My Perry?
  16. Toybox
  17. Super Crate Box
  18. Blockwick / Blockwick 101
  19. Rune Raiders
  20. Bad Piggies

Oldies but Continued Goodies

  1. Gesundheit
  2. Contre Jour
  3. Where’s My Water?
  4. Cut the Rope / Cut the Rope: Experiments
  5. Squids
  6. Gauge
  7. Frotz
  8. Carcassonne
  9. ASYNC Corp.
  10. Trainyard

Honourable Mentions

  1. McPixel
  2. Whale Trail
  3. Mole Escape
  4. Polymer
  5. Lost Cities

My Favorite iPhone Games, Part 1

I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while, so here we go with Part 1:

EDGE – NZ$6.49

EDGE is an platformer where you are a cube trying to navigate an isometric landscape in search of the tiny glowing cubes. Some levels are really easy, some require timing, some have cubes hidden away in secret areas. Here though, the music shines, so much that Mobigame released the soundtrack for free! KAKKOI!

Canabalt – NZ$4.19

Canabalt is a free flash game gone iPhone: a one-button ‘daring escape’ platformer. No story up front, but the game has one to tell! Addictive, try the free web version first.

Hook Champ – NZ$4.19

You’re a Jake T. Hooker, an Indiana Jones style tomb-raider stealing idols from dangerous caves and escaping with your amazing grappling hook styles! Easy to learn, hard to master, harder to put down! Try the lite version first, and then buy the full version with more maps and achievements!

Zen Bound – NZ$4.19

A strange game in which you are to bind up a wooden figurine with string. This is meditative gaming at its best: no time limit, but you do eventually run out of string. Again, amazing soundtrack here, with a free download when you buy the game! Get the lite version first to try it out.

Eliss – NZ$4.19

Eliss is a multi-touch puzzler. Gather same coloured circles together, enough so they fit into the ‘squeezars’ to score points. Don’t let different colours touch or it’ll soon be game over. You’ll need all your fingers to play this one, maybe both hands at some points. Lite version also available.

Flight Control – NZ$1.29

A simplified air-traffic control game: draw flight paths for aircraft so they can land on the appropriate runway or landing pad, but don’t let them collide! Harder than it sounds, but quite addicting!

More to come!