XSLT is Sexy

XSLT is cool. Thanks to Matthew Cruickshank for giving me the courage to take the triple-salchow into XSLT. It’s really quite simple when you get the tools set up.

I’m learning it so I can produce and consume RSS for project at my job. It’s quite fun.

Also, check out Making RSS Pretty for some good examples on how to allow browsers like IE6.0 and Mozilla to make your feeds look more human-consumable.

Now to learn how to use the DOM to construct XML in PHP… I think I’ll steer clear of DTDs for just a while longer… they’re still scary ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and by the way, Ctrl-W is the worst key combo ever for a Dvorak typist… That’s what happened last night, and what happened just now… Gah!

Webfroot down

I’m working on the new Webfroot site. This’ll be the 3rd revision I’ve done since it’s first inception in mid 2001. Not dropping any hints on what will be new, but be rest assured, we will still provide the same level of news reporting you know and love.

Baby’s First Kernel Re-compile

Yup, today at work I installed Debian Linux 3.0 on a box we dubbed Radar, after the character from M*A*S*H, to go along with our test server, Hawkeye. I think Klinger is the next one we’ll put together. So yeah, I did my first kernel re-compile. W00t ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s Playing 1.2

Mmm… don’t you like the What’s Playing section on the sidebar? It’s powered by What’s Playing plugin for Winamp 3. Here’s the PHP script I’m using here on glutnix.com.

What’s Playing (the way I’m using it) sends the id3 details of the last n songs to a php script. This script then takes those details and writes a bit of html which you then include in your page. What’s Playing can also upload an HTML file to your FTP server if that’s how you would rather do it.

New Job

Tomorrow morning I start work at Dev-Zone.org. W00t! Just a friendly hi to all my new friends at dev-zone, especially Daniel and Don in my department. I’ve been looking forward to starting for just over 3 weeks now, and I’m glad to be. New jobs are always exciting!