I’m borrowing Jeremie’s foot-scooter. I’m like this bullet on the footpaths now. I love it. It’s like probably 5-10 times faster than walking. It’s actually kinda a little exercise… I got kinda sweaty after making a run to dymocks and back ; 15 minutes one way on foot, 3 minutes on the scooter.

Some bad things though: Hard wheels have no shock absorbsion, so all the little cracks in the pavement, not to mention the numerous cobblestone areas around Wellington go straight into my ankles. If I was to buy my own one, it’d have to have tires or shock absorbers.

Edit: Removed the link to Jeremie’s website – seems he’s using it for a test platform for another site.

Guy on the street

This morning I was walking to work reading Stop Stealing Sheep and find out how type works, and this guy (who must have been drugged out) walks next to me and asks me what i’m reading – I said just a book, and show him the cover. He said ‘oh I love books’ and then commented on the title saying ‘it must be pretty awesome’. I don’t know what to think. Maybe I’ll read and walk more often 🙂