Nethack Stupidity

I’ve been getting back into Nethack recently. I just found this archive of YASDs – some of them are hilarious! Like choking on royal jelly, or the drawbridge falling on top of you. If you don’t know what Nethack is, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Why ACDsee is better than IrfanView IMHO

ACDsee is better than IrfanView IMHO because IrfanView has the worst icon(s) ever. I think if IrfanView changed his icon, his product would be better. Honestly, A red splot does not inspire me. ACDsee’s icons with the file extension written in the icon make so much more sense. Only problem is ACDsee isn’t free. Oh, and ACDsee has lots of cool editing features too… If I was to buy it, I’d buy the powerpack. ๐Ÿ™‚

Trillian Meta-contacts

Just out of a complete and utter fluke I’ve discovered Meta-contacts. I’m using trillian pro, so i don’t know if this is in .74

Say I have a friend who uses several IM protocols, like Peach, she’s on ICQ, AIM, MSN, and YahooMsgr. I just highlight all of her IM contacts, right click and choose Create Meta-contact. It will then ask you for a contact name. Type it, choose a group, and click OK. All those contacts will now be grouped into one contact. If you always chat on one particular protocol, like I always chat with Peach on MSN, drag that contact to the top of the meta-contact list.

Why use meta-contact? Well when you don’t have that user selected in your contact list, it automatically collapses into one contact. Select it, it opens up again. Also, double click the meta contact, and you’ll get your default protocol (the top one in the list). If the user is offline in the default protocol, the next online protocol down is used.

Can someone tell me if this tip work in Trillian .74? I’m thinking not, but could be wrong.

Down to business

my business card

So, yeah, I’m Lead Developer for Instinct. Been so since about Feburary, but now it’s official cos I gotz the business card! Cheers to that funky Monkeyjay for the design, and that funky Gareth guy for the logo.

I’ve been mucking round with WAP. Here’s a little WAP game I made a while back. You’ll need a WAP capable phone, or a WAP Emulator. I made it cos we were trying to get in bed with Telecom, but ended up flagging cos they are so square. They wanted to focus on WAP, which really is a non-event. Meh, the game has a mini-wow factor. If Mufasa (my boss at instinct — yes the truth comes out) lets me, I’ll let you guys have the source code.

Having a mobile is pretty sweet now. If you really want to know, my phone number is on the business card above :D. Call me if you want, I dare ya! I was thinking about ringtones, and how people like to show them off (yeah, i’m talking from my own bragging). I got the theme from Tetris for my ringtone. Why do people like myself want to expose some hapless human being into listening to my ringtone, especially when they probably won’t recognise the tune? Mind you, Monkeyjay has ‘Funky Town’ for his ringtone… everyone loves it, and hates it cos it sticks in your mind like hot tar on your jandals.

Trillian Pro – It Goes KABLAM!

Damn, I just bought Trillian Pro Yes I actually bought it, here’s proof, I’m a Pro User. Man, it’s freaking sweet. Everything I thought it would be. I really love the RSS feeds and everything. IRC is cool too. I used to be a religous zealot of Miranda ICQ – now I’m converted. SmileyChris would say I’ve seen the light, but I should have saved my money — to that I say shuddup ๐Ÿ˜‰