Gizoogle Bookmarklet

Want to just gizoogleate any page you visit into word-up straight dope gangsta rap? You need the Gizoogleate It! Bookmarklet

>>> Gizoogleate It! <<<

Drag this to yo’ bookmark bar. Visit any page on the I-N-to-the-TERNET, click da’ bookmark, and for shizzle, yo’ page be gizooglated, for that’s how the gangstas do it.

Word to yo’ mutha, and straight up propizzles to Gizoogle, they got it going on fo’ sho’!

13 thoughts on “Gizoogle Bookmarklet

  1. sarah

    hey hey wat up???

  2. sarah


  3. sarah

  4. dogg

    hey yo ggggggggggggggggg’s

  5. sarah

    wats up hood rat….

  6. john


  7. darthmonkey

    Sup homes, tesco is whick whick wack home boi

  8. Megan

    Hey Brando :]

  9. Megan

    Whats good yo?

  10. Megan

    I smell smelly people !!!

  11. fizizilmynizzle

    hey you home bitches.what is happening in gangstda town. rap with me if your my dog.fichizlemynizzle. homies

  12. anna

    Ling Ling you forgot you bling bling
    whats up my niggas yeh yeh dog yo yo

  13. Cho! being Gangzta rocks who needs da internet anymore

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