About Brett Taylor

I’m a geek. I do geeky things, both for employment and for enjoyment. All kinds of geeky things.

Contact Me or read my Curriculum Vitae (PDF, June 2013)

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  • Twitter – my current status and microblog
  • Facebook – my social network of choice
  • Pinboard – my social bookmarks since I switched from Delicious (Pinboard !== Pinterest)
  • Github – my public source code
  • Bitbucket – more source code
  • Codewars – coding challenges I’ve solved
  • Keybase.io – my gpg/pgp/public key stuff.
  • Reddit – something something bacon, something something midnight
  • Goodreads – a list of the books in my life.
  • LinkedIn – my social network of recruiters, (checked quarterly).

Old stuff: