What am I editing code with?

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Keri Henare, an acquaintance of mine from a couple years ago asked the NZ PHP Users Group today:

Just curious as to what your IDE of choice is for PHP development and why?

You’ll see that I replied with the following.

Being nearly Mac-exclusive, I do most of my coding in TextMate, and any text manip in TextWrangler (it has superb grep/regex capabilities).

I don’t use an IDE, but if I was to use one, it’d be something like Coda or Espresso.

If I wanted to use a cross-platform, free IDE that isn’t half bad, but is based on Eclipse, I’d use Aptana for HTML+CSS+JS+PHP support. It’s nice because it has built in support for Firefox and Safari, (and IE when you’re on Windows).

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  • Hi i use Coda and Aptana Pro, it’s the best, for fast development coda for ajax/php Aptana.

    Take care

    #1: Comment by felipe Millán Assler — June 18, 2009 @ 5:46 pm

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