About Brett Taylor

I’m just your friendly neighbourhood web geek. I specialise in front-end stuff, specifically Vue and React, but I can do a bit of nearly anything that’s computer related.

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More of Brett Taylor online

  • Twitter – my social network of choice. My current status and micro blog.
  • Facebook – If you are close enough to me, then friend away 👍
  • Pinboard – my social bookmarks since I switched from Delicious (Pinboard !== Pinterest)
  • Github – my public source code
  • Bitbucket – moar source code
  • Codewars – coding challenges I’ve solved
  • Keybase.io – my GPG/PGP/public key identity stuff.
  • Reddit – something something bacon, something something midnight
  • Goodreads – a list of the books in my life.
  • LinkedIn – my social network of recruiters. (I only check this quarterly)
  • finger glutnix@sdf.org

Really flippin’ old stuff: