Contact Me

Send me a quick message

Feel free to get my attention through this form, or the other means below. I love to get feedback on what I am doing, but be kind.


Other ways

My Screen name is Glutnix and my first name is Brett. Here’s the different ways you can contact me, in order of preference:

  1. Email – my first name at
  2. Twitter – glutnix
  3. Google Talk – glutnix
  4. Skype – glutnix
  5. .mac/iChat – glutnix

I used to be available on these old things:

  1. ICQ – UIN: 8473626
  2. Jabber – my screen name at
  3. MSN – weednix at (note: not checked for mail)
  4. Yahoo! Messenger – glutnix
  5. AOL IM – buddy name: webfroot
  6. Gadu Gadu – 1689539

IM Caveat:

Nothing personal, but I get a lot of random chatters. A LOT. If I’m feeling especially friendly, I’ll chat with you. If I’m busy or don’t want to talk to a random, I’ll send you a standard disclaimer:

Automated message: If you are talking to me because you wish to practice English, or just want a random person to chat to, it’s nothing personal, but sorry, I already have too many friends like that, and not enough time. If you really do want to talk to me, read my IM Caveat at

For what it’s worth, I have a quick key for sending this.

If you want to talk to me:

  • Email me first. Make your enquiry, say what you need to say, and if you have a question, tell me your IM details. If I think IMing you would be better than emailing you, I’ll make first contact.
  • Make your first message meaningful. Messages like “hi” or “hello” will be disclaimer’d.
  • Introduce yourself first. It’s kinda like you’ve come over to me at a party, I’m probably busy talking to someone else.
  • If you have a question, ask it. Don’t ask “can I ask you a question?”, because that’s just stupid; if it’s a short question, just ask it. If it’s a tough question, ask “Do you have a moment?”
  • Please try to use good english spelling, grammar and punctuation. That said, if English isn’t your first language, do your best.
  • Txtspeak or IMspeak (e.g.: “how r u?” etc.) will make me want to punch you, unless you’re a good friend and we’re having a laugh. Standard acronyms and emoticons are fine, but not to excess.

Follow the above, and you’ll drastically improve your chances of me talking to you.