I am not in charge of the garbage.

Walking through Manners Mall here in Beautiful Sunny Wellington and I’m waiting for the crosswalk signal to let me cross, and a journalist asks if I was in charge of the garbage, drawing my attention to the two huge black bags of garbage I’m standing right next to. Sitting on the corner of Wellington’s most popular intersection. Oozing radioactive goo. OK, so it’s probably not radioactive, but it was pretty foul none-the-less. So I was like, “No, I’m not in charge of the garbage”. So Wellington City Council, who’s in charge of the garbage?

On another point of me not being in charge of the garbage, for some reason, My friends will offer me their leftover bowls of ice cream, macaroni cheese, lasagna, and other type foods, expecting that I will eat it. I probably will, but I don’t like being seen as some human garbage disposal. I try to watch my weight, as much as everyone thinks otherwise.