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  • Examples of BuddyPress installations: GigaOM Pro and TastyKitchen (bt) #wordcampnz 10:22:55
  • Applause for Anthony Cole @anthonycole. Q&A now (bt) #wordcampnz 10:23:41
  • Q: BuddyPress builds on WPMU and WP and MU are merging, will this affect BP? A: Don't worry too much, it should be fine (bt) #wordcampnz 10:24:24
  • Q: Why use BuddyPress? A: for small network/community, bunch of friends. WPMU is + small # of code chgs (bt) #wordcampnz 10:26:10
  • Q: Can I make buddypress completely private? A: not complicated, use plugins or functions to do it (bt) #wordcampnz 10:26:36
  • Q: is it secure? A: Yes, GigaOM is using it [so you know it's good] (bt) #wordcampnz 10:27:46
  • Next up is Chris Lipscombe from Ground Zero talking about "Business Fundamentals: Getting it right in order to make it big" (bt) #wordcampnz 10:29:06
  • To do deals, get yourselves a business to do your deals. Get your head around GST. You need a biz to get investors (bt) #wordcampnz 10:30:13
  • Most important thing of your business is to start making money and to get cash flowing through your business (bt) #wordcampnz 10:30:53
  • getting money coming in is not the same thing as making a profit, just know where the money is coming from (bt) #wordcampnz 10:31:58
  • Two kinds of plan: #1 strategic plan: long term, where you want to be, what you're selling and where to. doesn't involve $$.(bt) #wordcampnz 10:34:23
  • strategic plan is how you want to look, business plan is how you are going to make money. (bt) #wordcampnz 10:34:30
  • capital is something you chew up and spit out, that is normal (bt) #wordcampnz 10:34:50
  • buddys are good business partners, but often it may be your employees who share the ideals of the business (bt) #wordcampnz 10:35:26
  • sometimes it could be channels and communities, it could be key customers (bt) #wordcampnz 10:35:45
  • plan for growth: what is the thing that will kick start your business? what do you need to do to grow customers, capital? (bt) #wordcampnz 10:36:31
  • prepare yourself to deals: difference between ownership, management, governance. when small biz, easy to blur this. (bt) #wordcampnz 10:37:18
  • oops, was dual tweeting, sorry followers, have fixed this. 10:38:14

New Zealand TWTR SMS Roundup

This is a work-in-progress timeline of all the news surrounding Vodafone New Zealand and Telecom New Zealand announcing their support for Twitter SMS through the shortcode TWTR (8987).

Any news, just leave a comment including any and all links to public sources and I’ll do my best to keep this up to date.