Risky Business

Broke in my Risk board with two games of Secret Mission Risk in the weekend. If you’ve never played Secret Mission before, you are missing out on playing risk more often.

First game was 5 players, SmileyChris, Jeremie, Bert, Joel(?), and myself. Joel won with the mission to Destroy Green… which was me. Damnit. My mission was Destroy Red (Bert), but I spread myself too thin. I need practice 🙂

Second game was the next night, Smiley, Jeremie, Gareth, Paul and myself. Gareth is a seasoned risk player, and completed his Destroy Blue mission, with SmileyChris manning the blue pieces. My mission was Take Asia and Africa. I started with three of the four countries in Australasia, and went on to hold most of asia for the rest of the game, not actually holding the continent at any point though. Also, I have never seen a Secret Mission game with more than 1 cannon on a country. I think on Gareth’s winning turn he cashed in his risk cards for a whopping 55+3 units. I had 4 cannons on one of my countries, Jeremie had maybe 5 or 6 in western europe, and Gareth had a huge army in the middle east, which was preventing me trying to take Africa. But I’m happy I held most of Asia for so long.

If you’re in Wellington sometime, give me an IM or something and we’ll organise a game sometime… 😀